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Thank You for visiting my food blog. The varied expressions of cooking and of food prepared at my home are captured in this blog. My husband and me we both enjoy cooking and more than that we enjoy eating it especially when the food is prepared and presented in a different way.

In this blog you would see all varieties of recipes and info's of food mostly Indian food, Bakes and Fusion Food. 

Most of the recipes in my blog are based on all the cooking I have learnt while growing up...Its from my mother, my aunts... and even till now which I keep learning from my mom-in-law... some are from the collection of recipes which I have been collecting since I was a kid and some are purely my own innovations - my own Ideas...


I'am a Software Engineer by profession. In my free time I enjoy cooking with different ideas...

I'am fond Of cooking, Of the different colours of vegetable's, 
Of the food that comes alive when given the correct heat - when added with the correct spices and when presented in a creative way.

It started when I used to cook even after the tiring office day - this would help me relax my mind. I would get completely engrossed in cooking, let it be a simple Chapathi-Sabji that I make or some different variety of Pasta with some idea whichever would come in my mind. It was then that my husband suggested that I start sharing them. So, here is my blog.

All the photos in my blog are taken by my  Mobile Camera HTC Desire-X series Canon Powershot SX240 HS camera DSLR Panasonic Lumix.

As time passes, you would see the Design of this blog changing, in other words, evolving. However, the contents of the published posts will remain the same.

You can contact me through
Mail  - akanksha.saluru@gmail.com
Instagram @mykitchenflavours                   and also 
Pinterest My-Kitchen-Flavours..

Feel free to drop me your questions, comments, concerns or just to say a Hello!

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